Violet Hills Jolly Joker (P) VHV J187E

SireJWX Silver Bullet (P)
DamViolet Hills Briana (P)
DOB4th September 2013

Jolly Joker is an extremely well structured and well balanced bull with excellent feet and legs. He is long and deep with above average muscling and fattening ability. He is homozygous for the polled gene. Calving ease and fertility are well above average and his temperament is outstanding. He weighed 1130kg as a 3 year old.

Violet Hills Jacquard (P) VHV J163E

SireViolet Hills Flambeau VHVF39E
DamViolet Hills Bijou (P) VHVB85E
DOB30th August 2013

Jacquard is a very easy calving, polled bull, whose calves are standouts from the day they are born. He has excellent structure, conformation and temperament. His progeny are early maturing and are ideal for the domestic grass fed market.

Violet Hills Leiandros (P) VHV L83E

SireViolet Hills Jarvis (P)
DamViolet Hills H38E (R/F)
DOB16th August 2015

Leiandros is a very low birth weight, early maturing, carcase bull whose steer progeny have excelled in the Australian National Field Days steer and carcase competition. He is a polled bull with excellent feet and general structure. For a number of years he has been used as a 'heifer bull'. His progeny are easy calving, good doing cattle that can be finished at a young age with excellent carcases.

Violet Hills Manfred (P) VHV M83E

SireViolet Hills Jolly Joker (P)
DamViolet Hills Emily
DOB14th August 2016

Manfred is a big, strong, polled bull with tremendous volume. He has excellent feet and general structure. He puts size and performance into his progeny.

Violet Hills Macauley (P) VHV M146E

SireViolet Hills Jacquard (P)
DamViolet Hills J23E
DOB20th August 2016

McCauley is a very thick, easy calving, polled bull. He has proven himself as a 'heifer bull' over a couple of years. He has excellent feet and general structure coupled with an early maturity pattern of the type that ensures his progeny will be in demand from the processor or the feed lot.

Violet Hills Neilson (P) VHV N54E

SireViolet Hills Gaelic Warrior (P)
DamViolet Hills Gallium (P)
DOB20th August 2017

Neilson is a low birth weight, very early maturing, polled bull that we use over heifers. He is very thick and is best described as an excellent carcase bull whose progeny will perform very well for the grass fed market.

Violet Hills Peronne (P) VHV P268E

SireViolet Hills Marlon (P)
DamViolet Hills H203E (P)
DOB15th October 2018

Perrone is an extremely long, easy calving, polled bull. As a yearling he stood out for his excellent conformation and the correct maturity pattern for the grass fed market.

Violet Hills Pitney (P) VHV P221E

SireViolet Hills Jacquard (P)
DamViolet Hills Lorenza (P)
DOB17th September 2018

Pitney is used over heifers due to his very low birth weight and very good calving ease. He is a smooth muscled, easy doing, polled bull with Pinay and Pouriwai Sonny on both sides of his pedigree.

Violet Hills Quantum 135 (P) VHV Q135E

SireViolet Hills Jacquard (P)
DamViolet Hills Marion 33 (P/S)
DOB30th August 2019

Quantum 135 was the standout calf in his group from a very early age. He is a very easy calving, polled bull with excellent conformation, structure and doing ability.