Violet Hills Jacquard (P) VHVJ163E

SireViolet Hills Flambeau VHVF39E
DamViolet Hills Bijou (P) VHVB85E

Jacquard is a very easy calving (top 5%) polled bull whose calves are “standouts” from the day they are born. Jacquard has excellent structure, conformation, temperament and a Domestic Index in the top 5% of the breed. He is a lovely, early maturing bull whose progeny are well suited to the domestic grass fed calf production systems.

Violet Hills Leiandros (P) VHV L83E

SireViolet Hills Jarvis (P)
DamViolet Hills H38E (R/F)

Leiandros is a very low birth weight, early maturing, carcase bull whose steer progeny have excelled in the Australian National Field Days steer and carcase competition. He is a polled bull with excellent feet and general structure. For a number of years he has been used as a 'heifer bull'. His progeny are easy calving, good doing cattle that can be finished at a young age with excellent carcases. This is reflected by his Domestic Index being well above breed average.

Violet Hills Manfred (P) VHV M83E

SireViolet Hills Jolly Joker (P)
DamViolet Hills Emily

Manfred is a big strong, polled, bull with excellent feet and general structure. As well as an excellent temperament his figures for growth, EMA, calving ease and milk are all above average. He is a good all round bull with a Domestic Index in the top 10% of the breed.

Violet Hills Macauley (P) VHV M146E

SireViolet Hills Jacquard (P)
DamViolet Hills Emily J23E (P)

McCauley is a very thick, easy calving, polled bull. He has proven himself as a 'heifer bull' over a couple of years. He has excellent feet and general structure coupled with an early maturity pattern of the type that ensures his progeny will be in demand from the processor or the feed lot. His value is indicated by his Domestic Index being in the top 15% for the breed.

Pouriwai Sonny S378 (P)

SireGreenwood Park Navigator N67E
DamPouriwai N414E

Sonny was the stud sire for the Roke family, Otiranui stud, New Zealand.He appealed to us as a bull suitable for Australian markets. We imported his semen and licenced it with the CSA.

Sonny is a polled bull with length and softness and a magnificent temperament. He combines growth, muscling and fattening ability better than most Charolais, making him an ideal bull for Australian conditions.

Semen is available from United Cattle Breeders, Allora, Qld.

Violet Hills Jolly Joker (P) VHVJ187E

SireJWX Silver Bullet (P)
DamViolet Hills Briana (P)

Jolly Joker is an extremely well structured and well balanced bull with excellent feet and legs. He is long and deep with above average muscling and fattening ability. He is homozygous for the polled gene. Calving ease and fertility are well above average and his temperament is outstanding. He weighed 1130kg as a 3 year old.

His Domestic Index puts him in the top 1% of the breed for the 2013 drop.

Violet Hills Flambeau (VHVF39E)

DamViolet Hills X9E (P)

Violet Hills Flambeau (VHV F39E) is by Pinay out of a very good old Rex cow. He was the outstanding bull in our F drop.He has a moderate maturity pattern and tremendous muscling and excellent feet and legs. We regard him as an outstanding stud sire prospect.

Violet Hills Barclay (P) VHVB24E

SirePourawai Sonny
DamViolet Hills X119E

Barclay is all you could ask for in a polled bull. He combines growth, length and muscling with an abilty to finish easily. With over 260 calves born he has proved to have excellent calving ease and all his calves are polled.

Violet Hills Dane VHV D130E

SireViolet Hills Alexander (AI) (R/F)
DamViolet Hills Y0032E (AI)

Dane is a high performing son of Violet Hills Alexander. He is a trait leader for 200/400/600 day weights and is in the top 5% for Domestic and Export Indicies. He has excellent hoof structure. He is very well muscled and has an excellent constitution.

Violet Hills Hilston (P) VHVH191E


Violet Hills Hilston (P) is by Pinay from another outstanding Pouriwai Sonny cow, Violet Hills Bronwen.A very structurally correct bull with very balanced EBV,s. He will be used over heifers and first calf cows because of his calving ease.

He is a trait leader for birth weight and his Domestic Index puts him in the top 1% of the breed for the 2012 drop

Violet Hills Gaelic Warrior (P) VHVG16E


Violet Hills Gaelic Warrior(P) is by Violet Hills Ellis out of an outstanding Pouriwai Sonny cow, Violet Hills Briana. He is a very easy calving, easy doing bull with tremendous muscling.

Violet Hills Jay (P) VHVJ30E

SireViolet Hills Gascon (P) VHVG73E
DamViolet Hills Amabel (P) VHVA61E

Jay is a polled bull with balanced EBV’s and a magnificent temperament which he passes on to his progeny. His calves are born easily (Birth weight and calving ease in the top 15%), grow quickly, show good muscling and finish easily. Jay has excellent feet, legs and overall structure.