Violet Hills 11th Annual Sale Report

20th May 2021

A strong demand for the easy calving, early maturing bulls led to a 100% clearance of the 43
bulls on offer.

The bulls went to 5 states with a top price of $15,500.00 with a sale average of $8312.00.
Top priced bull was purchased by Kilkenny Charolais, Taroom Qld, who purchased a total of
3 bulls for an average of $13,167.00. The top priced bull was VHV Q97E (P) who weighed
686kg with an EMA of, IMF 5% and a Domestic Index in the top 10% of the breed.

Will Deucher, Beltana Enterprises, Kergunyah South, Vic, paid an average of $11,167.00,
with a top of $13,500.00 for 3 bulls.

15 commercial heifers, PTIC, sold for an average of $3,100.00 and 8 unjoined commercial
heifers sold for $2,300.00.

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